• About Wajeeha

    I am Wajeha Amin and I wear many hats.

    From Relationship Coach, Education Consultant, Personal Development Mentor, Psychotherapist & Speaker, Facilitator to Mental Health First Aid trainer.

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    A while back I was given a gift, someone believed in me. I wanted to share that gift, today I enjoy the rewards of doing just that.


    When people ask me why I do what I do I say because I am interested in listening to people’s stories about their lives. Every new person who comes to me brings their own incredible, wonderful story and we work on that story and explore its highs and lows together. It is a privilege to be invited into people’s lives this way. If you ask me is it my career or business, I would tell you it’s a purpose. Motivated by intuition, passion and self-belief to be able to go home every night doing something I feel has great value and has made a real difference.


    I have always worked in the caring field and enjoyed my work; working in the NHS gave me my first insight ​into talking therapies that heal. When I set out on this journey little did I know that I was a wounded healer, through my life experience I was able to help others.


    In the last 18 years, I’ve worked in private practice as well as within NHS, social care and education settings. I’ve worked with countless individuals, couples, groups, schools, young people and families to improve their lives and give them back a sense of control, self-worth, hope and joy.


    Working as a Professional Therapist, Relationship Coach and Education Consultant has taught me a lot about how we can all live happier lives – at home, at our jobs, in our marriages and through meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

    I get people back on track and feeling good.

    I run my practice from Central London, East London, working nationally & internationally working with Muslim and non-Muslim clients. I provide transformative talking therapies, hypnotherapy, coaching, group workshops, masterclasses, and consultancy services to anyone needing to make a change in their lives, or want to help others do the same.


    It has always fascinated me how our minds can both help us and harm us. It’s made me spend my life learning about what drives us, what we crave vs. what we need to be happy, what it is that holds us back. It’s made me train in therapies that help people discover these secrets for themselves.

    I want to prove that every life can change.

    Providing a safe, nurturing place to grow from and creative counselling and therapeutic support that really works, everyone who comes to me feeling stuck can find the hope and help they need to powerfully and joyfully steer their life to a new place of lasting well-being.


    I trained in Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and Relationship Coaching, however, I learned the most valuable skills through life experience, volunteering placements, from my clients, my supervisors, and mentors. The key is to never stop learning, experiencing, gathering knowledge, exploring, discovering and playing. My kids often remind me of the importance to play as hard as I work.

  • My Mission

    I'd like to ask you to do one thing.

    Tell me about the life you wish you were living. Tell me what you wish were different.


    Whatever it is that’s holding you back from being the happy, fulfilled person you wish you were, you don’t need to stay stuck where you are.


    All it takes is one brave step forward – to tell me what’s not working in your life.


    I can help you with the rest.


    I work with men and women who, like you, need help changing something. Using a wide range of simple tools and strategies, we work together until you are living well and feeling good.

    Are any of these getting in the way of you living your life?

    • School or work problems and stress?
    • Relationship problems?
    • Depression and anxiety?
    • Suffering from low confidence?
    • Unhealthy habits and behaviours?
    • Grief?
    • Uncertainty and lack of direction?

    Everything I teach and share won’t just help you now but will give you everything you’ll need to cope with difficult times for the rest of your life.


    Starting today, happiness is possible. Change is possible.


    Let me show you how.

    Each of us has a personal journey; we have our struggles, our successes, fears, dreams and hopes.


    I work with clients to think outside of the box, I help people achieve their goals, be it in their studies, career, business, relationships and life as a whole.


    Through transformational coaching, I have seen the transformation in my clients.


    They come with a sense of hopelessness, that something is missing, they feel stuck, and they leave with hope, they see the possibility of change, opportunity and above all, they leave with a sense of self-belief.


    It may be life is going fine, as planned, on the surface nothing seems wrong but there is a sense of something not right. Is it a feeling of searching for something, a missing piece or a lost chance a different future? Maybe you're trying to come to terms with a loss, coping with the pressure to perform, pass exams, excel in your career, lack of confidence or struggling with heightened anxiety and stress.


    Maybe it’s an endless search for Mr or Mrs Right, whilst dating or an unbeatable battle against weight-loss, break down in one of your relationships and deep down you know you need to do something about it. And your not quite sure what to do and it’s hard to talk to the people around you.


    We get a haircut, new clothes and go to the dentist but forget to look after the most important organ in our bodies, our brains and to live long we need to do just that. Yes, getting therapeutic or counsellors help is ok and normal.


    Seeking therapy/coaching is one of the most generous things we can do for ourselves.


    The opportunity to talk freely about your thoughts and feelings with a supportive and qualified person makes a huge difference in making you not only feel better but breaking those barriers, thus achieving tranquility, peace and happiness.


    It can be very healing, to voice your worries or talk about something that’s weighing on your mind. And it feels good to be listened to—it can be life-changing.


    I focus on helping clients to thrive in the present and future, and on creating a vision and action plan towards living life to its fullest.

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