• Counselling

    Counselling is a great way of working with your emotions and thoughts until you’re able to feel and live better.

  • Private Counselling Sessions

    In Complete Confidence & With No Judgements

    Everybody is different and what people find helpful when they’re not feeling good varies from person to person. I provide you with a warm, private/confidential and non-judgmental space, then we work together to find the kind of therapeutic technique that you’d be comfortable with, and, most importantly, that will work for you, also known as, integrative counselling.


    It can be especially effective during times of the following;

    • Persistent Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Trauma or Low Self-Worth (Health & Wellness Counselling)
    • Relationship Breakdowns (Relationship Counselling)
    • Losing someone close to you (Bereavement Counselling)
    • Redundancy (Career Counselling)
    • Illness (Health & Wellbeing Counselling)

    The counselling sessions usually take place once a week and can be arranged in a short-term block, or over the longer term.


    You have the option for face to face appointments, telephone or online counselling sessions.

  • Focus On You

    We go at your pace and to your agenda, exploring the way you feel about yourself, other people, and your life.

    Understand Your Story

    Counselling isn’t about me telling you how to live; it’s about me listening to your story, helping you to understand the feelings you have and the walls you keep hitting.

    Support Your Change

    From there, I can support you in making small, effective changes – if and when you’re ready.

  • Book an Introductory Session