• Relationship Coaching

    Life-changing opportunities to get right to the heart of your relationship hang-ups.

  • Finding Real Love


    Every moment you are creating the person you’re going to become.
    What goes on in your mind - changes your brain physically, by thinking or doing something repeatedly.
    The role of our thoughts play a major role in the creation of our success.


    I teach you how to move beyond fear to create a secure, loving & connected relationship.


    Understand their value & their purpose
    Unfold their highest potential
    Elevate themselves to the next level in their life


    As the most intimate way to work with me, my individual coaching container is not for the faint of heart.
    This is an exclusive, high-touch, high-level mentorship for those ready & willing to go deep, and commit to the journey of self-discovery and transformation in new & profound ways.

    This is a place to break old patterns and create new ways of being.




    In the words of my client's...

    “When I called Wajeeha to talk about my relationship that was falling apart, I was broken and hurting in a way that I had never experienced before. I actually didn’t even know if she could help me and it was too late to ask for help, I had tried everything. Wajeeha not only helped me, but she also transformed me. She is THE person I go to for relationship support when I need it even now. I trust her with my whole heart. If you’re feeling a heavy heart, you might want to work with her too, please give yourself the gift of hope and make it happen. Your life will never be the same for all the most incredible reasons.”



    " After my divorce, I did not know who I was anymore. I assumed the identity that had been given to me and lived it for so many years.

    You helped me regain "ME"; my self-esteem, confidence, self-belief, body image...everything!


    I was on the floor and had no idea where or how to restart again.

    You showed me piece by piece, and here I am doing the victory dance.

    Your said DREAM it.

    You said DARE It.

    You said DO it.

    And I did it all! And look where it had brought me...back to myself again!"



    "To summaries my time with Wajeeha was the best money that I have spent on myself and worth more than shoes and handbags (which are a particular weakness of mine)”



  • Taster Sessions

    1-1 taster session on love, relationships, dating, weddings and marriage are designed to give you a quick boost of healing, clarity and good, no-nonsense support.

    Love Yourself First

    My coaching is designed to leave you energised and clear-headed, feeling good about yourself, your love life and your future.

    Find Fulfilling Love

    Learn the tools to start getting things right in your search for deep, fulfilling love.