• Something special happens when a group of women come together to reach their goals.


    Join Rooji the Foodie, me and other incredible women in a wonderful, uplifting, fun and empowering experience!

    Come prepared to learn, laugh, rejuvenate and grow...

    Manchester Sunday 1st October

    You've heard the term, 'strength in numbers'?

    Well there's no better way to banish feelings of overwhelm, work towards new goals and find new confidence than by joining with other women who are on the same journey of finding positivity.


    You'll be able to share stories, smile, learn from each other and find warmth, understanding and support from women who understand what you’re feeling.


    Finally, find a place where being honest, vulnerable and uncertain is celebrated and learn skills that will help you turn your potential into power in 2023


    Join the conversation and discover a sense of unity and real sisterhood!!!!!

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    An afternoon of real talk about changes we want to make in our lives. We can unblock the content together, examine personal blocks, embrace the lows and celebrate the highs.

    We will have some snacks and tissues handy (for tears and laughter from the belly).

    Delightful conversation, with great company you can walk away with some of your biggest questions and concerns answered in an afternoon.

    As a Psychotherapist and Coach I know how important it is to find balance in mind and body.


    I have designed the Afternoon of Conversation to leave you illuminated and inspired. You won't just enjoy food and good company, but you will discover the tools you need in life...

    • To stay motivated every day.
    • To choose your life path rather than let life just take you along for the ride.
    • Trade fear for courage and to manage guilt and stress.
    • To leave procrastination behind and embrace life on your terms.
    • To laugh more and stop taking life so seriously (go on, you know you want to!)

    Sometimes we just need to take a moment, catch our breath, and simply have time for yourself, to be yourself.


    The afternoon is designed for you! 


    And your time is…now!


    London, Birmingham, Chester, Peterborough, Dubai

    & Now Manchester!

    Afternoon of Conversation was born in 2015 and has bought so many women together in creating an authentic safe space to share our highs and lows. A space for how-to's, high five's, hug's and Me To!

    "Wajeeha thank you for reminding me that what I think is my ordinary is someone's extraordinary"


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