• Dream It Live It


    Experiential workshop

    Saturday 8th June

    London E1 1HJ

    1pm- 6pm




    Gift yourself the time and space to become intentional about what you want from your life.


    Many of us have fleeting ideas about what we want to be, do or have in life, but often they remain just that - fleeting ideas.


    This workshop can help you become clear about exactly what you want from your life, set new goals or fine-tune existing goals, and create a intention's board that will attract your ideal outcomes.

    I have been working with clients for many years and have witnessed the power of our imagination and how powerful it can be with incredible results.


    Many people don’t use the power of their imagination or take their first step towards making the idea they have in their heads a reality because they’re afraid they won’t be perfect or successful.


    You are invited to spend an afternoon exploring the power of your imagination and creating a Intentions board.

    A Intention board is a simple yet powerful tool that activates your imagination. It is a visual representation (using images, photos & words) of the life you intend to create for yourself. It helps you to keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and serves as a reminder of what you truly want from your life.


    There is much more to creating a compelling Intention Board than just sticking pictures of things you’d like on a page. There is a process involved, and I will guide you, step by step, through this process.


    During the session, we will explore:





    Time to be creative and let your thoughts wander; it’s about creative problem-solving, taking leaps of faith and pondering new potential futures




    • Creativity is considered something to be done in free time.
    • Some people are convinced they’re not creative or have been told they’re not.
    • People don’t give themselves permission to use their creativity.
    • Don’t make the attempt because of perfectionism or a fear we won’t be successful.


    • Qualities we can cultivate: creativity, imagination, strategy
    • The strategy is essential: we’re in a time of crazy change, especially within technology, so how will we solve problems we’ve never had before?
    • Story: do we want to live our lives on autopilot?



    • Create a vision for yourself: your vision is a story you’re telling yourself about where you’re going, and the story can be powerful to move you forward.
    • Take small, deliberate steps.
    • Test and learn—just start and learn along the way.



    • With oursleves
    • With others
    • Our environment
    • Our Money
    • Past, present & future




    By the end of the session, You will:


    Gain More Clarity:



    Discover what’s truly important to you, determine your highest values & understand how your values influence your attitudes, behaviour and motivation.


    Set or Fine-tune Goals:



    Set or fine-tune goals about what you want to be, do or have in all areas of your life that are aligned with your authentic self.


    Grow In Confidence:



    Uncover and address the limiting thoughts, beliefs and stories that may be currently holding you back from living the life you desire and achieving your goals.


    Create Your Mission Statment: "YOU" and strat living it:



    I will guide you in creating your own Intention board so that you can use your imagination to manifest your biggest and wildest goals, dreams and desires. Discover the power of visualisation and the steps involved in manifesting.




    • Art and craft equipment.
    • Drinks & snacks (Lunch is not provided)