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  • Single to Married Blueprint

    20th April 2024 - London - Fully Booked

    25th May 2024 - Birmingham

    Pre-Marriage interactive course.


    What you need to know about partner selection that saves your heart and time.


    Learn the skills to Find, Connect and Keep the right Partner for you.



    Are you single and wishing and hoping you were married?


    Do you have an idea of the kind of person you want in your husband or wife, but you’re still waiting … or the “wrong” person keeps showing up…or not at all?


    Everyone keeps telling you that you should be married by now and finding a spouse should be a simple process.


    Everyone around you seems to be getting married....& having babies.


    Yet, you are struggling to navigate the process that leads to marriage with the right person.


    Then the Single to Married Blueprint interactive course is for you.



    You would be a good fit for the experience if....


    • Your fed up with the online apps, matrimonial events and networking events.


    • You don’t want to waste another year on bad courting experiences.


    • You want to marry and marry well – create a healthy happy committed marriage.


    • You want to save your time and heart.


    • You want a tried and tested model that will help you with your relationship skills to find connect and keep the right partner for you.


    • You keep taking "breaks" from the search and are wishing and hoping there was another way.


    • Your ready to do things differently, role your sleeves up learn the practical steps you can take to help you find, connect and keep the right partner for you.



    Together, we will take researched-backed, psychological and faith based steps toward creating the connection you’ve always wanted that leads to marriage.



    We will explore and talk about everything that has been getting in the way of finding the right partner for you.



    By the end of the course you will:




    • Be equiped with skills you can put into action straight away that will empower your courting experience & lead you closer to your goal – to marry and marry well! - Create more enduring and richer relationships.


    • Learn evidence based strategies routed in faith based principals, neurobiology, psychology,social science relationship development and personal development. These skills will not only support you in your partner search but will support you in your marriage and relationships.


    • Walk away with your concerns, fears and hopes being listened to and explored.


    • You will be equiped with skill's you can put into practice to navigate the modern courting landscape. (From the matrimonial apps & events to family introdcutions & Match Makers)





    Together we will explore:


    Setting Your Relationship Vision



    We will determine the kind of relationship that is healthy and right for you.

    How you can find, connect and keep the right partner for you whilst saving your time and heart.



    Removing the Obstacles


    You’ll learn how to identify limiting beliefs and thinking traps that are keeping you single and on a cycle of repeat experiences.


    We will explore your relationship style, identify where you get stuck from a psychological and faith based prospective.

    Equip you with the know how and skills to connect with "him/her" in a authentic way that leads to marriage.



    First Impressions


    We will dive deep into first impressions and the vital ingredient you might be missing.

    You will walk away equipped with a formula that gets you past text messaging and endless first meetings.



    Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs


    You’ll go through a step-by-step process to shift subconscious belief's that are blocking you from finding, connecting and keeping the right partner for you. Face fears of rejection, identify Red/Green Flags, deal breakers, how and when to ask fundamental questions that will help you connect on a emotional level.


    The course aims to help you develop strong foundations for a lasting, healthy marriage by providing practical tools and developing skills and attitudes to build your relationship.


    The course is based on Islamic principles but designed for all.



    If your ready for a relational strategy that get's you the result you are looking for - To Marry and marry well.


    Want to gain skills to to understand connection and chemistry, book your place today.


    I’ll be with you every step of the way.



    What to expect:

    • Full day intensive 10am to 5pm (Valued £1000)
    • Follow up 1-1 coaching call with Wajeeha after the workshop (Valued £259)
    • Thought Porvoking card deck (Valued £45)
    • Additional resources
    • Delegate handbook
    • Tea/Cofee/Juice Morning/afternoon Pastries
    • Lunch
    • Venue location will be shared with participants at the time of booking.


    Birmingham -Early Bird Ticket: £199


    Booked after 1st May: £259


    Experiential learning is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience.


    *You are responsible for booking your 1-1 with Wajeeha (bookable up to 4 weeks after the workshop)



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    Navidage the path to I do


    Friday 3rd November 2023


    Finding, connecting and keeping the right partner for you is the most important skill we can ever learn—because who we marry will shape and alter the direction of our lives.


    I am going to sharing tips that will help you navigate the path to I do. If it's time to conduct the serch diffrently then join me as I guide you how to court smarter so that you are having better conversation with your match that saves you your time and heart.


    There will be a Q& A session to ask any burning questions.



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  • Manage Stress, Anxiety & overwhelm.

    18th August 2022
    1pm-2pm Via zoom
    Q&A session 2:30pm onwards.


    I have designed this session to inspire, motivate and empower you to lead a happier balanced and successful life.


    By joining you'll learn how to:


    · Stay motivated

    · Take control

    · Trade in fear for courage and manage guilt, stress, anxiety or feelings of overwhelmness.

    · Leave procrastination behind and embrace life on your terms.

    · Laugh more and stop taking life so seriously (go on, you know you want to!)


    Although we cannot always prevent ourselves from feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, there are a number of things that we can do to manage better.

    The session will explore the main factors that play an important role in our wellbeing, such as stress, guilt, anxiety and overwhelm.

    We will explore the vital aspects of self-care, self-compassion, self-love and their relationship with our wellbeing and health in general.


    You will be introduced to a range of techniques and strategies as I talk you through my L+O+V+E formula to develop a toolbox to maintain your wellbeing and feel more in control as we navigate through life.

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  • 27th July 2022 8pm

    Group coaching session
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    Have you downloaded the Journal?


    Would you like a helping hand going through it and work through your mindset?
    Then I would like to invite you to join me for a group coaching session where I will take you through the journal step by step and how you can do things differently to get different results.
    I am keeping the group small so you have the opportunity to work through things personally.
    The fee includes Live Group coaching session via zoom followed with a 1-1 phone session with me booked after the group coaching session



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    15th July 2022 7pm-9pm