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    "When I found myself going through a divorce, I really needed to talk to someone I could trust about my difficult situation. Unsure how to find the right person, my friends recommended a dynamic Coach they’d discovered called Wajeeha.


    It’s my utter joy to recommend her in turn for anyone looking for a little help in challenging circumstances, or to help find their clear direction in life again. Her utter calmness, nuanced assistance and gentleness just felt so well-balanced and timely and helped me reach solutions that were spot-on and had been eluding me until then.


    Somehow felt reconnected to my stronger and deeper sense of self within a short space of time, and you neither feel hurried getting to that point nor obliged to linger thereafter, whilst the sense of well-being goes on. Just delighted that I came across Wajeeha and hope you get to meet her too!"

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    I went to see Wajeeha to try and solve my phobia of needles – in particular cannulas, as I had to have a fairly serious operation which I could not avoid.


    My fear stemmed from a lot of time spent in hospital as a child so was deeply embedded in everyday life. When I arrived I immediately felt at ease, Wajeeha was so calm and explained everything in full and took time to understand the problem.


    It is so important to trust your hypnotherapist and with Wajeeha an apprehension I felt completely subsided.


    I had two sessions of hypnotherapy with Wajeeha in which we focused on rationalising my fear and making it a more positive thing (it’s to help me) as well as learning some affirmations I could repeat to myself when in hospital.


    Before my operation I had to have blood tests and of course the intravenous anaesthetic on the day, whilst I was still scared my fear was much more manageable and I had my first blood test which I have avoided for 28 years and also went ahead with an operation I had previously postponed.


    I was so happy with the results and the experience completely exceeded my expectations – the most important thing I learnt from my hypnotherapy is that you have to want to get over your fear and be committed to helping it happen.


    I still practice my affirmations now and am approaching operation number 2 with a lot more confidence.


    I would recommend using Wajeeha in an instant; her gentle skilled and professional nature makes her a wonderful therapist.

    When I was at my lowest ebb I went in search of help and came across Wajeeha Amin and noticed that her approach was very beneficial from day one.


    This was in sharp contrast to the other professionals I had seen before. Her structured approach, building on previous sessions meant I was making visible progress not achieved hitherto. The hypnotherapy was very relaxing and added another dimension to the therapy which all helped me to make progress quickly.


    I found her focus, enthusiasm and understanding very motivational and therefore I was able to approach difficult tasks with greater confidence. Seeing her helped me to overcome my depression and social anxiety. I would definitely recommend Wajeeha"

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    I had been going through a tough time for a while, I knew I needed to get some help. As a guy I did not want to talk to my freinds and family about it after hearing Wajeeha speak at a event, I plucked up the courage to give her a call.


    My initial feelings going into the sessions were full of doubt, fear and general traits of trepidation from not knowing what to expect or whether this was the route which would work for me. It would be an understatement to say I found the whole initial experience as somewhat overwhelming and was the reason I was contemplating not to go to the 1st session.

    Looking back now, overcoming that initial fear and taking the first step is probably the most significant thing I have done in making a positive change in my life.


    Wajeeha makes you feel at ease from the outset- her natural affability gives you the comfort needed to speak freely and honestly in a safe and trusted environment.


    The sessions are focused on YOU, it provides YOU with a platform to take a step back from the madness of day to day life and assess aspects of YOUR life to better understand YOUR thoughts, feelings and desires.


    My advice to anybody considering this route would be- you are not alone in what you are feeling/experiencing- others have been there before you and, like you, chose to take action. Go in with an open mind- you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! "

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    "Wajeeha is so good at what she does she makes the most reluctant person like myself be at complete ease and trust what she will do, and that's all within the first 5 minutes of speaking to her!


    I came purely for the weight loss, but left with so much more and (without sounding too cliche) it was a life changing 6 weeks. I would definitely recommend Wajeeha to anyone looking for some help getting onto the road to a better life"

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    "At a time where I did not understand what was happening to my mind and body, my first thought was not to seek help, let alone speak to a counsellor.


    As a man my my mindset was not to speak to anyone let alone speaking to a complete stranger where would that get me, who has no ties to friends and family?


    My first session was the eye opener and every session after that I began to realise that Wajeeha's calm nature, support and advice were key to me being more self-aware of my troubles.


    Wajeeha would walk me through my own examples and how they held me back, were eating away at me and would instil confidence in me that I have the ability to overcome my circumstances.


    I somehow started to believe that I had the power to overcome my predicament and Wajeeha's teachings will stay with me throughout. Things have moved on in my life, I have made a few changes that are helping me to live a happier healthier life. My relationship with my mind, body, work and family has improved dramatically.


    If anybody is looking for someone who would coach you from low to high, then Wajeeha will help you for sure. I will be ever so grateful".