• Dream Dare Do

    Women's Retreat


    Turning your dreams into reality!


    19th August 2020


    23rd August 2020

  • Dream Dare DO


    3 Ds Women's Retreat in Italy


    A retreat spread over 4 days.

    Experiential wellness experience focused on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.


    Set your intentions, find your focus and create a life you love.



    Building on the success of my one-day exponential workshops, I am delighted to host

    3 Ds women's Retreat in collaboration with Dr Fairoz Fayaz & Shaminder Rayatt.


    We invite you to connect with this exponential experience, it’s time to live your life out loud, proudly and boldly.


    Join us in an amazing, uplifting, fun and empowering retreat.


    Come prepared to have fun, rejuvenate, learn, grow and for a *miracle or two!

    *mir.a.cle [mir-ur-kuhl] noun


    An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers. -Dictionary.com

  • Why Attend?


    We have designed the retreat to leave you illuminated and inspired.


    On the retreat, you’ll have the chance to understand what it is you’re looking for, what it is you’re hungry for.


    From there you’ll learn how you can be YOU, honestly, fully and bravely, no matter who you are or how far away that dream may feel.


    Whoever you are, whatever your story, the retreat is designed to give you a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and your closest relationships.


    During the retreat, you will take part in expert-led workshops, talks & exponential activities. You’ll discover effective strategies to use throughout 360 degrees of your life.


    You’ll receive expert advice and support on how to master your mind & body connection and to create a happier life, with increased inner peace.



    Together Let's:


    Gain clarity on your deepest desires in life and what feeds your soul.


    Discover how to break away from everything that is holding you back.


    Master the knowledge and know how to do it with full support from Wajeeha & Fairoz during the retreat.

    Dr Fairoz Fayaz is a Medical Doctor specialising in Functional Medicine. Wajeeha Amin is Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach & an Ambassador for women of the future we know how important it is to find balance in mind and body.


    Together we have over 20 years’ experience in inspiring women to take control and master their health, their well-being, their relationships & their life!

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    You won't just have some much-needed "ME" time in new surroundings and good company, but you will discover the tools you need in life...

    The retreat is designed for you!

    Sometimes we just need to take a moment, catch our breath, and simply have time for ourselves, to be ourselves away from the noise of everyday life and demands.

    Over the 4 days you will master how:


    • To stay motivated every day.
    • To choose your life path rather than let life just take you along for the ride.
    • Trade fear for courage and to manage guilt and stress.
    • To leave procrastination behind and embrace life on your terms.
    • To bravely live outside of your comfort zone.
    • To laugh more and stop taking life so seriously (go on, you know you want to!)
    • To take care of your mind, body and soul.
    • To Dream it & dare to do it!
    You will put what you learned into action during the retreat, so there is no waiting until you go home. There will only be 8 women on the retreat which means you will receive personalised support over the 4 days.
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    Your time is…now! You will leave feeling calm, inspired and empowered; ready to return to daily life full of energy and enthusiasm to live your life on your terms.


    All you need to do is come with an open mind and heart.


    You will enjoy experiential activates, great company, expert facilitation, inspiration all in a tender loving and caring environment. No need to takes notes (unless you want to), you will be provided with a complete handbook. You'll be in for a few pleasant surprises too.


    You will walk away with some of your biggest questions and concerns answered.


    You will not be disappointed.


    Places are limited, so if you are interested in attending we encourage you to book your place today.










    Are you hiding, are you waiting, are you living your life in the shadows?



    Are you busy running around, feeling stressed, frazzled, uncertain?


    Stuck in a rut with life on repeat, want something to change, need the time out to rest, reflect and refocus?


    Then this retreat is for YOU!


    It will give you the rest, TLC, the guidance and support you need to live life more joyfully.


    We believe in order to break the cycle of same old, we need to experience something new.


    Taking yourself out of that creates the opportunity for new thinking, new being, renewed hope, for creativity and to unlock your intuition, giving yourself the opportunity to create certainty and the courage to dare to live that dream.


    Transformation and change occur for people who are willing to invest in and commit to their growth. This retreat is not for everyone.


    So, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves get your hands dirty (literally), jump outside of your comfort zone (literally) and are ready to do work required to create a life you have only dreamed of.


    Honour who you are at this retreat.


  • Your Host

    Experts in Health and Wellbeing.

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    Dr Faroiz Fayaz

    Functional Medicine & NLP Expert




    My biggest heartbreak in over twenty years of practicing medicine is that the average person is not familiar with their body, and is not empowered to take control of their health.


    While healthcare in our country does a wonderful job of fixing you up in an emergency, what hasn’t happened is that people don’t have the tools to look after their well-being.


    There are so many ways you can improve your health and my passion is showing you how.


    I am a specialist GP in functional medicine and an NLP coach. In my practice I have helped countless women to regain control of their health. My goal is that you discovery that power too.

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    Wajeeha Amin

    Wellbeing and Relationship Expert



    It has always fascinated me how our minds can both help us and harm us. It’s made me spend my life learning about what drives us, what we crave vs. what we need to be happy, what it is that holds us back. It’s made me train in therapies that help people discover these secrets for themselves.

    Working as a professional therapist and relationship coach has taught me a lot about how we can all live happier lives – at home, in our jobs, and through meaningful, fulfilling relationships.

    I provide transformative talking therapies, group workshops, masterclasses and consultancy services to anyone needing to make a change in their lives, or wanting to help others do the same.

    I am a Wellbeing Expert, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor a Motivational Speaker and Relationship Coach. Happiness is my business.

  • Take our hand’s and let’s begin.


    We will Empower your transition with tools you’ll learn and practice during this phenomenal personal growth retreat.

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    Let’s dive in and discover who you are and what makes you healthy and happy.

  • Dream, Dare, Discover, Reflect and DO!


    4 days to step away from same old same old & step into something new, immerse yourself & walk away with some of your biggest questions and concerns answered.

    We would like to invite you to join us.


    In a supportive, honest, encouraging atmosphere, you’ll find a space to think, share, learn and laugh. You’ll hear loving, practical advice on how to make changes to the way you behave, think and live – small, powerful differences that will help you become more fully yourself.


    A place of both learning and participation, the retreat focus and amplify the energy created when a group of strong, courageous women sit down, open up and support each other.


    We believe this is how to inspire and motivate women to reach their unlimited potential.


    We believe this is how to give women the empowerment and platform they need to grow.


    Something special happens when a group of women come together to reach their goals.

  • Venue


    We have chosen the perfect venue to help you on your journey to making your dreams into reality.


    The 4 days retreat will take place in a stunning villa set atop a gorgeous valley in Murazzano, north Italy.


    Villa Cadenza is a beautiful renovated farmhouse in stunning Langhe region of Piemonte, Italy.

    Set atop a picturesque Valley with glorious views of woodland, mountains and the Italian hill town of Murazzano.


    We have full use of the villa and it's grounds including a large private pool and a outdoor kitchen.


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  • Schedule​

    Wednesday 19th August 2020 to Sunday 23rd August 2020


    4 days to step away from same old same old, step into something new & immerse yourself.

    Wednesday 19th August 2020


    Catch a flight to Turin Airport.

    From there you will travel to the Villa.

    Enjoy a group evening meal created by Spicy Cooks

    Explore the villa enjoy the pool.

    Kick off your shoes curl up on the sofa and let’s talk.

    Thursday 20th August 2020


    Setting the scene for 3 Ds retreat.


    Explore the fascinating connections between your imagination, dreams, creativity, emotions, health, your body and relationships.


    Enjoy the pool, explore the local area and lunch

    Opportunity to visit the local holistic therapist.

    Group cooking experience guided by Spicycooks. A hands on culinary experience where cooking and learning together takes center stage.


    Friday 21st August 2020


    In this exponential day, you will explore what it takes to live your life out loud proudly and boldly.


    Together we will explore the 3 DS & the 5 pillars of health




    Gain clarity on your deepest desires in life and what feeds your soul.


    Explore our personal dream – the story we are telling ourselves – beliefs, judgments, thoughts, and ideas we maintain and live by. Discover the tools and techniques to make your dream a reality.




    Discover how to break away from everything that is holding us back.


    Explore the 5 pillars of health and how or worries, fears, ideas, desires and inspiration express themselves physically, emotionally and hold us back. Discover your true purpose and develop the courage to turning your dreams into reality.




    To Do It, First Draw It! ~ It's time to roll your sleeves up!


    solidifying your learning through practice.


    We will dive deep and tap into all our sense, utilize our hand-eye coordination and use the power of our mind to reach our goals and shoot for the stars! (Literarily, if you have been to my events before you will not find this hard to believe. If you have not been your just going to have to trust me on this, because I really do not want to give it away)

    Envision our reality! Empower your mind and experience transformation. Create accountability and achieve your goals.


    Visit Murazzano Market for Lunch.


    Saturday 22nd August 2020


    Last thoughts, action planning and strategies to stay motivated and inspired well after you go home.


    Shaminder will lead us through a group cooking Masterclass. A pizza making session using the outdoor wood fired Pizza Oven. A hands on culinary experience where cooking and learning together takes center stage.


    Enjoy the pool, explore the local area.


    Opportunity to visit the local holistic therapist.


    Sunday 23rd August 2020

    Farewell Breakfast

    Morning flight back to London.


    An experiential experience!

    There are only 8 places available to ensure you receive the support that you deserve.


    The retreat is loaded with Expert-led workshops, talks & Exponential activities.

    There will be ample time for you to explore the region and relax by the pool. The villa has extensive grounds for you to enjoy, the local area is gorgeous, with valleys, hilltop towns, and pure natural bliss!!



    • 4 nights accommodation -  Single, double, triple bedrooms - you choose from the package available.
    • Vegetarian Breakfast, snacks and drinks
    • One private session with Wajeeha & Fairoz booked during the retreat.  (60 mins - worth over £1000)
    • Group cooking Masterclass lead by Spicycooks.


  • Register your interest

  • What people have said about working with us

    "Thank you for an amzing Masterclass. Your creativity makes me feel like i've entered another special world!

    I LOVED the body langauge session. I can already feel a shift in mindset towards a more confident self"

    "The Workshop could not have come at the right time. I took what I learnt and used it to help me deliver a presentation at work. Needless to say It went well. I had so many compliments! Thank you Wajeeha"

    " I love how you explain it all so effortlessly! I have put into action everything you shared at the workshop and my self-esteem is rocketing, Thank you Wajeeha"

    "Loved, Loved, Loved the Masterclass. Thank you Wajeeha!"

    "I am so glad I attended the Masterclass. It was such a powerful day"

    "Your attention to detail, your creativirty, taking care of us, the information, the practice, the group, the venue.....PERFECT. Thank you Wajeeha for taking such good care of me. Ask me about comfort zone and I will say "What confort zone...I am Buzzing"

    "When my friend told me about the workshop that Wajeeha was running. I said not for me. How wrong was I! The day was amazing from the organisation, Wajeeha's creativity, the food and the venue. The content that was covered was set at the right pace for me and the small size of the group gave me the opportunity to ask questions I would not have asked had it been a bigger group"

  • FAQ

    What’s included in the price?

    4 nights accommodation based on booking option you choose.

    During your stay at the villa, we will be providing full vegetarian breakfast, snacks and drinks.

    1-1 session with Wajeeha

    1-1 Session with Fairoz

    Cooking Masterclass with Spicycooks.

    All course materials.

    Travel Arrangements

    prices do not include Flights and travel to the villa.

    Transfers will be available for arrivals on the Ryanair flight for Stansted for £50 return.


    We also recommend you take out travel insurance for the duration of your stay.



    Can I attend part of the retreat?


    For the benefit of everyone, we ask that all participants commit to attending the entire retreat. Your wholehearted commitment supports your fellow participants and expresses respect for the retreat facilitators and staff who are committed to being here.


    What is the accommodation like?


    You have the following options for your 4 night stay:

    Early Bird offer book before April 2020

    Fresh Linen and towels provided.


    Shared Triple With Shared Bathroom - £500

    Shared Double En-Suite - £650

    Double Single Occupancy - £1250

    Shared twin - Shared Bathroom - £550


    What should I wear, and what should I bring with me?


    Please dress comfortably, indoor shoes and good outdoor shoes, boots or trainers for walking. Cloths to accommodate for the time of the year.


    You may want to change for dinner and bring a swimming costume if you wish to use the pool.


    Don't forget to bring any medication ect.


    Cancellation Fees and Refunds.


    To avoid the need for cancellation please ensure you are clear
    about your dates and retreat costs before you book.


    If you cancel 8 weeks before the retreat start
    date, the cancellation fee will be £200.


    Cancellation of a retreat less than 4 weeks before the retreat will incur the loss of half the cost of the retreat or your full deposit, whichever is the greater.


    Cancellation of a retreat two weeks (or less) before the start
    date will incur the loss of the full cost of the retreat.


    Cancellations need to be made by email. Please note
    that cancellations can only be accepted from the named
    participant and not from third parties. Any refunds can take up
    to 5 working days to be processed.


    We reserve the right to cancel any bookings that are deemed
    unsuitable or inappropriate.


    Additional Costs:


    You are responsible for booking and paying for your flights to attend the retreat.

    Airport Transfers to the villa £50

    Please ensure you have booked and paid for travel Insurance.

    Lunch/Dinner in the local town 10 -20

    Lunch/Dinner ordered to villa 10 -20

    Session with holistic therapist ‎50

    Barlo Excursion ‎10 Euro

    Taxi to local town ‎5 Euro







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