• 20th June 7pm -9pm

    Unexpected Connections




    Unexpected Connections is a transformative event exclusively for Muslim single men and women, where you'll engage in relational coaching activities, gain and practice the essential skills to forge genuine connections.


    And who knows through the experience you may make a unexpected connection.


    Simply put this is not a singles event, it's a event designed to equip you with the skills, tools and insight to make a connection organically.

    The single life isn’t easy. You want to meet and marry a great partner, but the formula you have been taught or have adopted for the marriage search has not given you the result you are looking for: To marry and marry well.  


    If you're ready for a change to the apps. matrimonial, networking events & rishta groups, it's time to reset and refresh your approach and join me for enriching experiences of expert relationship guidance that will transform your courting expereinces and give you different results.


    What can you expect from attending Unexpected Connections?

    • Supportive & facilitated insightful conversations: No more feeling lost or uncertain about how to make a great first impression or keep the conversation flowing.
    • Gain invaluable advice to help you master the art of courting. Whether it's approaching someone with confidence, decoding body language, online courting etiquette or engaging in captivating conversations online and offline.
    • Connect with other like-minded, openhearted, single people through communication practices and guided exercises.
    • Discover the secrets to identifying genuine sparks of connection and ensuring long-term compatibility. Uncover the formula that can lead to fulfilling relationships built on both passion and compatibility.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to break free from the monotony of courting apps and mundane events leaving you going round in circles.


    Join us for a evening of meaningful conversations, and transformative experiences that will support you on your mission to find, connect and keep the right partner for you.


    Love is out there, and with the right knowledge and support, YOU can find it!

    Once a month Unexpected Connections will be hosted in a diffrent City with a diffrent activity. Come to one come to them all. You will have a diffrent experience at each event.



    For the Month of June we are in London:


    🗓️ Date: 20th June 7pm -9pm
    📍 Venue: Root 25 116B Bow Rd, Bow, London E3 3AA
    Fee: £35

    Number of places: 20 


    Remember, it only takes one conversation to change your life.

    (No refund policy, please make sure you are able to attend before booking your ticket) 


    ****There is no guarantees of equal ratio, the event is about creating
    connections, because you don't know that someone you meet knows someone for you
    to meet. This is NOT another Muslim matrimonial event.


    What past attendees of the event have said:

    "Unexpected Connections is a special event we are running with theinimitable Wajeeha Amin.
    She's a Relationship Coachthat doesn't believe you need fuddy duddy round
    tables and rishta aunties.She brings people together by helping them help
    themselves" - Hosted at Darjeeling Express

    "I really enjoyed the event, I did notknow what to expect, but I attended with a open mind and learnt so much about
    myself in the process"

    "I used the resources Wajeeha provided atthe Unexpected Connections event at a singles event I attended and I made a

    "My friend bought me a ticket to attend,to be honest I don't think I would have attended, but I really enjoyed the experience"

    "Wajeeha got me thinking outside of thebox and as she promised I met everyone that attended and through the
    facilitated conversations I discovered things about people I would not have
    discovered if we had not done the activity"