• Hypnotherapy

    Hypnotherapy is an easy, safe, drug-free way to help you change behaviours, thoughts and habits.

  • Hypnotherapy
    Gentle Long-Term Change

    I’m a registered Hypnotherapist based in London treating both private clients and individuals who are referred via NHS doctors. Hypnotherapy helps you reach a state of deep relaxation, and works with your automatic thoughts and ingrained behaviours and reactions. It gently helps to shift old habits, unhelpful patterns and establish new, healthier ones.


    It has proven to work particularly well for people wanting help with anxiety, weight loss and stop smoking. In addition, please see my sessions below;

    • Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss
    • Hypnotherapy Stress and Anxiety
    • Hypnotherapy For Nerves (Ideal for individuals who suffer from nerves when public speaking, going for an interview, sitting exams or even getting married
    • Confidence building
    • Hypnotherapy Phobias
    • Hypnotherapy for Insomnia
    • Hypnotherapy to Stop/Quit Smoking
    • Managing certain illnesses, such as IBS

    For many clients one-off session is all that’s needed to make a difference. In other cases, I may recommend treatment over a number of weeks.


    Hypnosis is completely safe and suitable for most people, although some individuals with particular medical or mental health conditions may need to check with their GP first.

  • Deep Relaxation

    You remain awake, aware and in control, whilst deeply relaxed and peaceful. Therapeutic hypnosis is not like the hypnosis used by stage magicians and will not make you experience or do anything unexpected or against your will.

    Peaceful Contemplation

    By switching off noisy surface thoughts, hypnosis lets us work directly with areas of your brain that have the most power over your behaviour.

    New, Healthier Behaviours

    For over 50 years, worldwide, hypnotherapy has been used and approved by the mainstream medical profession and proven effective in thousands of clinical research trials and studies.

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