• Performance Enhancement Programme

  • Struggling with exam anxiety, stress, or workload?

    Studying to qualify? Trying for a promotion?


    Got a presentation to deliver?


    Auditioning for a role? Got a interview?


    Driving test coming up?




    Turn exam stress into exam success with my powerful Programme.

    Maximise your abilities to perform at your best when it matters most.

    Learn Lifelong skills to overcome negative thinking.

    Manage stressful situations effectively.

    Boost your results, take control of your learning and unleash your full potential.


    Programme Content:

    Mind Management Techniques


    Helping you become aware of negative thoughts and unhelpful “self-talk”
    Learn techniques to dump negative thoughts and focus on positive successful images.



    Develop an awareness of your own potential to relax
    Learn and practice empowering relaxation techniques.
    Enables you to enjoy your studies and achieve academic success


    Emotional Resilience Strategies

    Learn and practice coping strategies for potentially stressful situations.
    Techniques to instantly recall feelings of relaxation and calmness in any place, at any time.



    Mentally rehearsing exam or test situations.
    This is a highly effective way of being calmer on the day. The mind is prepared for a positive outcome. The more you mentally rehearse a particular outcome, the more likely you are to experience it (sports people use these techniques)


    You will also get


    Study and exam guidelines for success.

    A complimentary CD/MP3 to reinforces a calm mind and dissolves the build up of day-to-day negativity and stress.


    These techniques can be transferred into general living creating skills for life and developing long-term habits of being calmer, more resilient in pressure situations and better able to perform at your best.




    The Education Programme:


    I work with schools, Colleges & Universities to help their young people learn how to perform at their very best, teaching them powerful coping strategies that will make them happier, more confident, resilient learners, and that will provide them with a toolkit of support during inevitable times of pressure and stress.


    The Education Performance Programme is delivered in schools and colleges over three up to 50-minute sessions with a group of 10-15 students. The three sessions combine study skills training with simple, effective elements of applied psychology.


    Schools find it gives tangible results. You’ll get to see a marked boost in academic performance, improved exam results irrespective of ability, and an increase in numbers of emotionally healthy, high-achieving students.


    Suitable for Year 10-13 pupils, further and higher education students, as well as adult learners and professionals, sessions are delivered through fun and engaging, interactive workshops.


    Sessions incorporate group work, reflective exercises, visualisation, relaxation, education about stress and the psychological impact of negative and positive thoughts, homework exercises and a take-home relaxation CD for each student.

    I help with:


    • Effective management of anxiety, including exam anxiety
    • How to overcome negative self-talk
    • Revision and time management skills to help improve focus
    • How to stay relaxed and better remember and access information in lessons and exams
    • Beating procrastination
    • Tools and techniques to help students deal  with stress and pressure throughout their lives

    Young people relax, find new confidence, focus and strength, exam results improve, and schools and colleges can prove that they’re going the extra mile to invest in the mental and emotional health of those in their care.


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  • What Clients say

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    "Wajeeha I got the results I needed to go to the university of my choice.

    You saw how anxious I was about my exams, without you I don't think I would have got the results. Honestly I am glad my mum encouraged me to see you. It's the best thing I did to help me master my anxiety. The skills I have learnt helped me for my recent interview. Thank you so much"

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    "I was so stressed out because I had to deliver a presentation for work, I was nervous and anxious and used all the excuses I could find to get out of it. The work I did with Wajeeha helped me to deliver a outstanding presentation, it went so well I have been actively saying yes to deliver more."

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    "I got offered the role I auditioned for on Saturday!

    I am not going to lie, I was nervous, but the breathing exercises helped and well as the other techniques we had spoken about and practiced during our sessions.

    Thank you so much!"

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    "Such a amazing thought provoking workshop, you got us thinking in a totally different way. The techniques you shared we can use in everyday life outside of the work place. Thank you!"

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    "Thank you for delivering the workshop to our staff, we had such great feedback, they loved the interactive elements of the workshop."

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    "I Passed my exams!"

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