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    The place to be if you want to get all the inside info, tools and tips to help you find your life partner, transform your life and reach your goal - Marry, & Marry Well!

  • "I just don’t understand why it’s so hard to meet someone!"


    That’s basically my inbox.

    Every 10 mins.


    If you’re done with being ghosted, bread crumbed, benched or simply never finding ’the one’...


    You have so much love to give, but keep giving it away to the wrong person...


    Feel like you might have pushed love away, by getting in your own way...


    Or you’re simply waiting for 'the right time’


    Let me tell you this:


    You moment is now.

    Now is your time to:


    Stop protecting yourself through the fear of getting hurt;


    Stop telling yourself the stories that leave you feeling lonely, isolated, frustrated & angry;


    Stop trying to figure it all out on your own.


    You need to come and work with me to discover how to:


    Start letting love in.


    Start sending out invitations for love to find you.


    Start finding the kind of relationship that’ll rock your world.



    The VIP Lounge is for women who’re done with broken hearts and being left in the dark waiting and hoping.


    I’ll work with you to:


    - Identify what you really want from a relationship

    - Figure out and fix what’s blocking you from getting it

    - Find, connect and keep the right partner for you


    My simple but powerful process has worked with 100s of women like you.


    I'm no matchmaker.

    This isn’t dating.


    Or just another personal development programme.


    It just breaks MY heart to see anyone accept anything less than love… or deny themselves that opportunity.

    Not on my watch.


    If you’re ready to let joy and love in (without getting hurt)…

    Let me show you how.


    Take my hand and let’s begin.

  • I am Wajeeha

    & unlocking what’s getting in the way of bright, brave women finding their perfect mate is my calling.

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    I’ll give you a breathing space to stop, think, heal and reassess.


    I’ll help you to see that the relationship you most need IS out there and yours to keep, if you can learn how to look for it and spot what’s getting in your way.

    I want to make the process of finding, connecting and keeping the one, easier than it has ever been.


    I'm going to take away you're overwhelm and frustration and replace it with confidence and an action plan.


    If you are ready to push your limits, get out of your comfort zone, get to YOUR end result MARRY & MARRY WELL, then Enroll Today.

    When you join the VIP Lounge you will join other like-minded women and given all the tools to succeed. Plus you get me by your side the entire time!


    And, I am going to make the process fun, energising and inspiring!



  • Membership Fee £99 a month

    Cancel with one months notice

  • How it works

    I use a blend of spiritual and psychological approaches that combines personal and relational development to help you get your results.


    Included in the Group Coaching Membership:

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    YOU work with ME 1-1


    1-1 30 minute coaching telephone session once a month. Just you and me.

    (worth £350)


    Transformational insights & step to step guide to master life & LOVE.


    Access to me via e-mail and text

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    We work together as a group


    1 x monthly group webinar's


    1 x Monthly coaching hot seat


    I will be your Mentor and your accountability partner. In a safe, confidential setting, no topic is off limits, no worry to small and no feeling every judged.


    Any burning questions just ask me.


    WhatsAPP group

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    In person group sessions - Optional

    Informal monthly meet-ups in person.

    Group practical sessions.

    There is a fee to attend and is open to non members.

    Discounted code for members only.


  • Here's what past members have said about the VIP Lounge

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    "I've enjoyed being in the VIP Lounge. So many of my friends haven't yet acknowledged they need support in order to meet someone and it's great to be surrounded by women who actually are focusing on their self-development and are proactive in meeting people.

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    I like the fact I can ask questions and know I'll get some amazing insightful responses from the rest of the group.


    However, what I really loved about it was the Monday emails with the thought for the week, we are able to express difficult topics such as vulnerability and insecurity concisely. The fact that Wajeeha tailor's everything to what the group is discussing and will circulate a post almost immediately, definitely invaluable and I've not seen another life coach do this!"

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    " Little did I know that joining the VIP Lounge would be the best thing I would ever do....Everyone was so supportive! It did not take long before I meet my Mr Right, it would not have happened without your support Wajeeha and the lovely ladies of the group"

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